Working With Alex Valle

Hi. I work with Alex Valle. These are my stories — oh and I also suck at Street Fighter.

Cultural Exchange

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Remember when Valle faced off against Daigo during the Alpha 3 World Championships? Well if you remember correctly, as a sign of cultural exchange between the nations of Japan and USA, Daigo was given a commemorative blazer while Valle was given a commemorative Japanese “Yukata” — a sort of Japanese Summer robe. If you are unfamiliar with this exchange it is all documented in this video here:

Well I always wondered what he had done with that Yukata as that was almost 10+ years ago. In my mind I thought the robe would be emblazoned somewhere in his home as a reminder of his epic duel. I guess I shouldn’t of been surprised when I asked him what he did with it.

Oh that old cum rag? I think I used it to wash my car once.
— Alex Valle


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October 13, 2010 at 12:54 am

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