Working With Alex Valle

Hi. I work with Alex Valle. These are my stories — oh and I also suck at Street Fighter.

Story Time With Alex Valle

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Mr. Valle likes to reminisce about the glory days a lot — and I mean a lot. Seldom do I not have a conversation with Valle that starts “Back in the ’90s …” After awhile I started to notice that his stories more or less have a common theme which are listed in the above chart. His stories always take place in the ’90s at Southern Hills Golfland, more often than not involve sex, have something to do with either Street Fighter, John Choi, or Mike Watson, and — sometimes — people die in his stories — I’m not lying. In fact, if you pick just 3 topics at random from the above chart, Mr. Valle has a story about it. And believe it or not, sometimes his stories involve all of the above. Let me demonstrate with a story that involves {Mike Watson, Street Fighter, Southern Hills Golf Land} which I have paraphrased from Valle:

Hey did I tell you about the one time Watson parried a chair? No? Well one time at Southern Hills Golf Land, Mike Watson was playing Street Fighter against some typical Vietnamese guy. You know … he was one of those Vietnamese guys decked out in typical gangster gear; he was also a typical masher. Watson destroyed him and told him to “Get the fuck off the machine!” Well you know how Vietnamese gangsters are right? They are like the Zerg. All his Vietnamese homies showed up and wanted to throw down with Watson. One of homies took a chair and swung it at Watson. As he swung the chair, Watson parried it, yelled “Get the fuck out of here!”, and slammed his head against the game machine. Then after that all his homies ran away. And to this day Watson still has a mark on his forearm from when he parried a chair.”

That story was rather tame compared to some of the other stories he has told me. Just wait till you hear about the one that involves {sex, John Choi, someone dying}, but I’ll leave that one for some other time … =)


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January 31, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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  1. Sex, Mike Watson, John Choi. GO!


    March 20, 2011 at 1:28 pm

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